The Way Out

Is Understanding The Way In…

The Way Out

Restoring physiological and psychological resiliency is the way out of chaos and the way in to feeling alive and experiencing more compassion. It allows you to step out of being driven by underlying physiological disregulation and in to the ability to act in the here and now. Once you understand the influence your natural, biological systems have on your reactions, beliefs and behaviors you can more accurately address what is needed to support the return of resiliency.

Black Lives Matter

Resources for Understanding and Liberation

It is natural for historical events to slide out of day to day consciousness; however, it is important to keep in mind that even in moments when overt acts of racism or brutality against black people are not in the public media, these ARE current moment events and issues.

As you remember the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and so many other black people before and since by police, continue to nurture connection with each other and authentic emotions. As we move forward in time, let us not move backwards in our personal, spiritual, and social development.

If you are white bodied, as I am, please take the time to become educated about how we have all been racialized both explicitly and implicitly.  Allow the movement of this moment to touch you, open you to exploration and shifting perspectives so that we do not continue to engage in harming behaviors out of ignorance