The Way Out

Is Understanding The Way In…

The Way Out

Restoring physiological and psychological resiliency is the way out of chaos and the way in to feeling alive and experiencing more compassion. It allows you to step out of being driven by underlying physiological disregulation and in to the ability to act in the here and now. Once you understand the influence your natural, biological systems have on your reactions, beliefs and behaviors you can more accurately address what is needed to support the return of resiliency.

“Maybe a great magnet pulls all souls towards truth."   k.d. lang and Ben Mink

The restoration of resiliency is a natural process; we naturally move towards a reconnection with our innate sense of rightness. Just as our body knows how to heal from a physical wound, we also have the capacity to heal from other wounds. We know the way out of feeling stuck in the past and in to feeling resilient and responsive in the present.

The way in to this type of healing involves expanding your capacity to attend to pleasant experiences in a more balanced way. We often become drawn towards unpleasant sensations, emotions or thoughts to the exclusion of those that feel pleasant or good, and we may not even believe it is possible to feel truly okay anymore. Reinstating the ability to move naturally between the experiences of pleasant and unpleasant, constriction and expansion promotes profound shifts out of the feeling of stuckness and can lead to transformative relief. When this is coupled with a renegotiation of incomplete safety and threat signals, resiliency increases and a new sense of aliveness can arise.