BEGINNING October 8th: Developing the Foundations of Practice

The first course in the Practicing in 3D: A Three Course Meditation Program

You may have tried, or intended to develop a daily meditation practice, perhaps in isolation or without support and understanding of the why, how and what of practice. Or maybe you had a fruitful practice and something happened that led you to stop practicing. Being able to learn and practice in a community with support from a teacher can be the difference needed for you to move into a consistent, meaningful practice.

The Practicing in 3D Program offers an opportunity to engage in a meditation practice informed by the therapeutic understandings of Organic Intelligence® and the meditation tradition of The Mind Illuminated, within a community, and with support and instruction along the way.

Clinical Mindfulness Series: From Mud To Lotus

Recognizing and Cultivating Compassion

Clinical Mindfulness Series: From Mud To Lotus

Saturday, July 31, 2021 from 8:30 - 9:30am PDT

Compassion is a pillar of both Organic Intelligence(r) and Buddhism. Yet what do we mean by compassion and how do we cultivate it? How does compassion relate to our fundamental nature, including our biology? How do we experience compassion differently through the three phases of OI, and as a client, an as a therapist?

In this Clinical Mindfulness webinar, OI Faculty and meditation teacher Robin Craig will explore these questions in dialogue with Andi Scott Dumas, another longtime meditator and OI Mentor.

For more information and to join Robin and Andi live, visit the OI Clinical Mindfulness website here.


Black Lives Matter

Resources for Understanding and Liberation

It is natural for historical events to slide out of day to day consciousness; however, it is important to keep in mind that even in moments when overt acts of racism or brutality against black people are not in the public media, these ARE current moment events and issues.

As you remember the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and so many other black people before and since by police, continue to nurture connection with each other and authentic emotions. As we move forward in time, let us not move backwards in our personal, spiritual, and social development.

If you are white bodied, as I am, please take the time to become educated about how we have all been racialized both explicitly and implicitly.  Allow the movement of this moment to touch you, open you to exploration and shifting perspectives so that we do not continue to engage in harming behaviors out of ignorance


Silent Meditation Retreat

Kindly Being, in this moment...and this moment...

Silent Meditation Retreat

November 2 - 9, 2019

In this silent meditation retreat, we will be stepping into meditation through the lens of Organic Intelligence. Being able to see what is arising in the mind from the compassionate frame of OI can bring a level of acceptance and equanimity to your experience and allow a richness to your unfolding.