Clinical Mindfulness Webinar Series

Psychotherapy & Mindfulness - A Free Webinar

Clinical Mindfulness Webinar Series

The recording of this webinar as well as future webinars in this series can be found on the Organic Intelligence®


Most psychotherapists use some elements of mindfulness in their practice. Both supportive and adverse effects of mindfulness interventions are well documented. By understanding what happens in a mindfulness or meditation practice and some simple, yet fundamental, neuro-biological principles of human systems, therapists can more skillfully offer these practices to their clients.

Mindful therapists can work more effectively with some easy-to-understand guidelines from neuroscinece and a "self-organizing systems" understanding from Organic Intelligence®. Clients' progress is tracked through the stages of symptom relief, resilience formation/agency, and then to "prosilience" and the ability to easefully and ethically respond to the stressors of the day. These stressors include global climate change, social and economic injustice, the legacies of colonialism, patriarchy and slavery, violence, addiction, etc. This points to the necessity of deep support of the practitioner embedded in cultural systems that likely reinforce mechanisms of systemic oppression.

Join the conversation between Robin Craig and OI Founder Steve Hoskinson in this first chapter of the Clinical Mindfulness Series.

This Course is free to you. Join and have live and replay access to all the conversations, plus Bonus materials, as the Clinical Mindfulness Series hears from experts in the fields of embodiment psychology, midwifery, yoga, activism, Buddhist studies - and more.