Closed: October 8th: Developing the Foundations of Practice

The first course in the Practicing in 3D: A Three Course Meditation Program

You may have tried, or intended to develop a daily meditation practice, perhaps in isolation or without support and understanding of the why, how and what of practice. Or maybe you had a fruitful practice and something happened that led you to stop practicing. Being able to learn and practice in a community with support from a teacher can be the difference needed for you to move into a consistent, meaningful practice.

The Practicing in 3D Program offers an opportunity to engage in a meditation practice informed by the therapeutic understandings of Organic Intelligence® and the meditation tradition of The Mind Illuminated, within a community, and with support and instruction along the way.



The Practicing in 3D Program is for people who have been wanting to develop or return to a daily meditation practice, both formal practice and moment-to-moment life practice. It brings in the understandings from Organic Intelligence® to allow moving into practice from a physiological orientation to "here and now" and emphasizes connecting to community as a key aspect to support you.

The first course in the program is being offered again October 8 - November 19, 2022. Each week there are guided meditations, an optional practice discussion, topic talks, and other resources to support your practice. Additionally, there is a required weekly live zoom meeting to cultivate community connection. Prior students have reported that having this time each week to meet with the community and with their small practice group is what made the difference in their being able to develop and maintain their practice.

The weekly meetings will be on Saturdays, 8:30-9:30am Pacific Time except for October 22nd. That week we will meet on Sunday, October 23rd at 10:00 - 11:00am. TIME CHANGE NOTE: The course time will follow the US time change on November 6th. If your local time does not change on that date, please be mindful of how this affects the course time for you.