Dharma, Intimacy, and Ecology: Finding the Path in Every Step

with Brian Lesage, Molly McCormick and Robin Craig

Dharma, Intimacy, and Ecology: Finding the Path in Every Step

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June 11 - 18, 2024

The Buddhist path is about unhooking our habitual ways of being in the world. One of these habitual patterns is the experience of being disconnected from the environment, which cultivates a sense of not belonging. We will be exploring ways of practicing that reconnect us with the natural world through the lenses of ecology and the early Buddhist tradition.

We will also be describing and exploring the relationship with the present moment, relationship with place, and larger connections to environment and planet. This will be supported with an interweaving of noble silence through much of the day along with discussions to help deepen both the meditative and ecological explorations.

There will be sitting, walking, standing, and lying down meditation, as well as ecological explorations. This retreat includes outdoor practice times, weather permitting. Please bring outdoor sitting support, if possible. Examples: Crazy Creek or similar light weight chair, travel bench, small pad or cushion for sitting, mat or pad for lying down practice.

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