In-Person Retreat: Developing the Foundations of Practice

Meditation and Organic Intelligence®

In-Person Retreat: Developing the Foundations of Practice

November 28 - December 5, 2023

Join me for an in-person meditation retreat in Cochise Stronghold located in Southern Arizona, USA. The topic is Developing the Foundations of Practice.

This retreat will be held outdoors, weather permitting, and we will be exploring meditation practice in relationship to place and nature.


Meditation is often seen as an inward journey, yet what can allow us to go deeper is often an interweaving of inner and outer landscapes. In this Buddhist based retreat informed by the biological understandings of Organic Intelligence®, we will begin by coming into the present moment through connecting with the outer landscape of the natural environment.

We will then develop a relationship to the inner landscape through detailed guidance on walking, standing, and sitting meditation. We will be exploring samadhi (unification of mind or “concentration”) practices and the steps of stabilizing the attention within a broad awareness. We will also be setting intentions and bringing in other key components for establishing a vital formal and moment-to-moment life practice, such as kindness and compassion practices.

This retreat includes sitting and walking meditation, daily dharma talks, meditation guidance, small group practice discussions, and Question and Response time.

While this retreat will be held mostly in silence, there will be time at the beginning and ending of the retreat to intentionally connect with other retreatants. During the retreat, you will be asked to refrain from using cell phones, computers or accessing the internet in order to fully engage with the experience.

The registration fee includes lodging and three meals per day. The teacher does not receive any compensation from the fees. This structure is based on the practice of Dana, a Pali word meaning generosity. At the end of the retreat you will be given the opportunity to offer a donation to the teacher. Your financial support allows Robin to continue to offer these teachings.

If you’d like to attend, but the costs of this retreat prohibit you from attending, full and partial scholarships can be applied for at Open Dharma Foundation.